Who We Are 


Vulcan Security Technologies is a full service security integrator, with over 30 years in the commercial security market. Together with our technology and vendor partnerships, Vulcan provides a diversified security portfolio to it's clients, with an emphasis on quality system design and installation - differentiating our offering from that of the competition. We stand behind our installations with industry leading warranty programs, and a long standing reputation for getting it done right the first time. 

At Vulcan, we look at your building security as a complete picture - providing in house experts and installers for both physical security implements such as doors, door hardware, and mechanical locks - to electronic security solutions such as electronic access control and IP based surveillance. Not only do we excel at each of these disciplines individually, but we realize the key to a successful security deployment is the knowledge of how to integrate these systems and let them work together to create unparalleled awareness while providing cost savings through convergence of systems.

With hundreds of successful installations in commercial, municipal, and educational environments, you can trust that our certified installers and design team will provide your facility with a rock-solid, practical security solution at a value which is unrivaled.